Our Company

The company is founded in the town of La Orotava in the north of the island of Tenerife as part of the Santana Group, founded in 1973, under the direction of Isidro A. González. The rapid growth of the group require the expansion of the company to the town of St. Ursula, where today are the main offices.

Currently Maderas Santana S.L. has various stores in the Canary Islands and the firm intention to reach the rest of the country thanks to the opportunities offered by new information technologies and distribution.

We are backed by 30 years of Maderas Santana history, and more than 40 of the Santana Group


Our commitment to human capital since founding the company in 1984 have been the basis of our expansion and growth. This has generated a way of working that provides a family atmosphere between the company and its customers, benefiting notably a direct communication and personalized service.